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Elevate Your Energy: A Weekend Recharge for Renewal & Manifestation at Salish Lodge & Spa

July 11, 2025 - July 13, 2025

Elevate Your Energy: A Weekend Recharge for Renewal & Manifestation at Salish Lodge & Spa

Join us for an immersive weekend retreat designed exclusively for high achievers and leaders in need of rejuvenation. This holistic experience at Salish Lodge & Spa combines the serenity of nature with transformative wellness practices and manifestation, leading to a profound impact on your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Your Weekend of Renewal Includes:

Tailored Group Manifestation Sessions with Ana-Maria Georgieva, leveraging her extensive expertise to guide you through personalized future scripting, group synergy, and energy elevation.

Intimate Mindset Reprogramming Workshops, diving deep into the transformative practices that unlock inner peace, clarity, and prosperity.

Serene Connection and Reflection, offering you a sacred space to forge meaningful connections and embrace inner voice amidst the calming embrace of nature.

Pure Rejuvenation, moving beyond information overload to focus solely on your spiritual and emotional replenishment.

Exclusive Integration Sessions, valued at $2,400, include two premium 1:1 coaching sessions with Ana-Maria before the retreat starts.

Ana-Maria’s clients often experience immediate breakthroughs, leaving sessions not just feeling empowered but also equipped with actionable strategies for practical integration. These in-depth sessions provide expert guidance and tailored support to help you evolve into your best self, clear subconscious blocks, and fully unlock your potential.

Immerse yourself in an invigorating yoga-dance class with Ana-Maria, crafted to elevate your retreat experience through physical wellness and joyful movement.

In addition, at Salish Lodge & Spa you can explore an array of luxurious spa treatments booked outside of the retreat package.



Why Choose Us:

Unlike other retreats, our program focuses not just on the physical aspect of wellness but deeply integrates the mental and spiritual dimensions, ensuring a holistic transformation.

Client Praise for Our Events:

Clients highlight Ana-Maria’s unique NLP meditations, intuitive coaching, and her ability to facilitate shifts in mindset, unleashing potential and impact. Described as an epitome of inspiration, Ana-Maria’s events are celebrated for their energy, supportiveness, and the lasting transformations they foster. Whether you’re from the tech world feeling the signs of burnout, or an entrepreneur seeking growth, community, and belonging, the guidance we offer during and after the event is personalized and transformative, paving the way to enhanced well-being, lasting connections, and integrated manifestation.

Who Is this For?

This retreat is meant to offer a wellness sanctuary for busy professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed by the demands of their roles and are seeking a sanctuary to rejuvenate their overall performance – emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually. If you’re looking to restore balance, cultivate inner peace, and gain clarity on your path forward, this weekend is for you.

A Weekend Getaway to Rejuvenation:

Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes surrounding Salish Lodge & Spa, our retreat offers more than just activities; it promises a journey of transformation. From luxurious accommodations to nourishing cuisine, every detail is curated to support your journey towards rejuvenation.

Reserve Your Spot:

Spaces for this intimate retreat are limited to ensure a personalized and profound experience for each participant. Reserve your spot today and take the first step toward rejuvenating your essence.

** For Couples, their partner can join at no additional cost.

After enrollment, you will receive a brochure with the schedule and an open questionnaire where you can tell us more about yourself and your intended outcomes from attending.

** Training and Saturday lunch are provided. All other expenses, including meals (other than the Saturday lunch), spa services, and personal activities, are to be covered by the participants.

Join us for a weekend that promises to refresh your mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to return to your world not just rested, but truly transformed.

Excited to see you at the retreat!

Elevate Your Energy: A Weekend Recharge for Renewal & Manifestation at Salish Lodge & Spa Retreat - Ana-Maria
Elevate Your Energy: A Weekend Recharge for Renewal & Manifestation at Salish Lodge & Spa Retreat – Ana-Maria


Ana–Maria’s approach combines ancient wisdom with modern science, maintaining a near 90% client success rate over seven years. Her diverse expertise includes behavioral psychology, wellness, extensive NLP training and personal transformation, all aimed at enhancing work performance, health, and relationships through manifestation, mindset reprogramming and mindfulness. This unique blend inspires transformation and clarity, making this event perfect for motivated individuals seeking both professional success and personal growth. Ana-Maria`s proven ability to inspire instant change and empowerment in her clients stems from a commitment to embodying the principles she teaches, aiming to inspire those ready to unlock their potential and connect with others on a similar journey.

Join us to not just rest, but transform.

What our members say about their experience at our events

“Ana-Maria is the epitome of inspiration and through her powerful and often individualized NLP guided meditations (which are the best!), her intuitive coaching style rooted in spirituality and her deep understanding of the human psyche, Ana-Maria truly has a talent to help others shift their mindset, unleash their true potential and generate the impact they desire. Her energy is infectious and even more so in person, the Mastermind retreat events are a must! Ana-Maria is wholeheartedly dedicated and personally invested into each of her clients.” P. M. MD

“Ana-Maria weaves the knowledge of the ages in spirituality with personal development.Her methods are gentle yet highly effective, and her tools are unconventional and ground-breaking. Working with her has been a highly transformative process that has led me to another level of mind, body & spirit integration. I love her work!” J.W., Investor, Speaker & Entrepreneur

“Being in the high-tech community for 25 years has its tow. The culture is that you are solving hard challenges in competition with the smartest people around the world.It is so easy to start feeling “not enough” or only as good enough as the latest problem you were able to solve. This is where Ana-Maria’s method becomes life-changing. She is very intuitive, quickly gets to the root of the issues, explains them to the mind, engages your heart, and gently guides you back to feeling alive. I feel so fortunate for her to be my life coach and to be able to participate in her events. Every high-tech worker needs something like this!” N.N, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft 

“Ana-Maria, your Mastermind sessions are truly a reinvention of the Mastermind concept!! You have been able to draw together such a dynamic, collaborative, high-energy group of like minded yet diverse people that’s simply unmatched! The energy was electric, the connections profound, and the atmosphere was so incredibly supportive, creating an unforgettable experience and bonds that will never be broken! Your expertise in coaching, work-life balance, and the mind-blowing guided meditations was awe-inspiring!! You haven’t just raised the bar for ‘Mastermind’ – you’ve catapulted it into a new stratosphere of excitement and innovation and I can’t wait for our next in-person event!” M.P, Entrepreneur & Business Owner

“Working with Ana-Maria`s is one of the most impactful ways you can positively transform your life. Ana-Maria`s carefully crafted scientific approach to self-healing rebuilt my confidence, increased my energy, improved my productivity at work, and helps me daily to live a better life. Everything in life, including my physical posture has improved.” P.O. , IT Specialist 

“I have been more than thrilled about my experience with Ana-Maria! I am really impressed with her customized and agile approach to wellness and life-coaching. The progress that I accomplished through working with her is phenomenal, both physically and emotionally. I can`t wait to see how far she will help me to get in my journey of discovering my true self and being the best version of myself that I could ever be!” P. S., Business Owner


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