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Ana-Maria is an amazing person and an exceptional coach. For the short time that I’ve known her, she has made me value myself more than ever. She has helped me view the world around me from a different perspective, and even though we are many miles away, I feel like our energy is what brings us close. I appreciate every piece of advice from her and her masterclasses and value every second of our conversations. Ana-Maria, you are a star that can guide even those who feel lost more than ever. Keep doing what you’re doing! You help people rise above and beyond!

Detelina Ivanova - Scientist and Entrepreneur


I’m Detelina Ivanova, a scientist and entrepreneur. I wanted to share my experience working with Ana-Maria, who has been a significant support for me. Previously, I was in a job that seemed perfect from an outsider’s perspective, but internally, I felt unfulfilled and stuck, leading to unhappiness. This changed when I had a breakthrough moment, realizing that I had stopped dreaming and pursuing my aspirations.

That’s when Ana-Maria’s programs came into my life. Through her guidance, I began to rediscover who I am. Ana-Maria is an expert in neuroscience, fitness, and nutrition. Her comprehensive and integrative approach helped me develop myself in multiple directions. She continuously learns new things and shares her knowledge with us. I am currently involved in her mastermind group, where I meet like-minded individuals. Together, we offer each other tremendous support, along with the essential advice from Ana-Maria.

I strongly recommend her program. Ana-Maria is passionate, caring, and compassionate. She connects with her clients on a very deep level, offering support when no one else does.

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After working with Ana-Maria for nearly 8 months, I can honestly say she is so much more than I imagined a coach would be. She is the epitome of inspiration and through her powerful and often individualized guided meditations (which are the best!), her intuitive coaching style rooted in spirituality and her deep understanding of the human psyche, Ana-Maria truly has a talent to help others shift their mindset, unleash their true potential and generate the impact they desire. Her energy is infectious and even more so in person, the Mastermind retreat events are a must! Ana-Maria is wholeheartedly dedicated and personally invested into each of her clients. 

I can’t recommend a better life coach than Ana-Maria Georgieva!

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Taking Ana-Maria’s Confidence Builder Course is one of the most impactful ways you can positively transform your life. Ana-Maria’s carefully crafted scientific approach to self-healing rebuilt my confidence and helps me daily to live a better life. Everything in life, including my physical posture has improved.

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This is my second run through the confidence course with Ana-Maria. The first was several years ago and Ana-Maria’s Confidence Builder helped me take back control of my life. This time it is equally as impactful after only the first three modules. I am able to go much deeper into the exercises and am learning more from them. I am healing layers of my past on a journey to my most confident self. During the modules you are given time (and permission) to explore as deeply as you need before continuing. It is self-paced, but it makes you eager to move forward. The meditations are so compelling, positive and effective that you will want to listening to them repeatedly. This course is a tool I will keep going back to on my journey to heal, grow and live life to the fullest.

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Coaching work with Ana-Maria is the best thing that ever happened to me. Last year was the best year in my life ever because I achieved the best results in all areas. I can’t say it’s exactly “work”. It’s more like having deep conversations or kind questioning. With such ease., magnetism, charisma, positive energy, Ana-Maria’s been asking me the uncomfortable questions that I was afraid to ask myself, while guiding me forward. She dug deep down inside me, pulled out the best in me, and I discovered things about me that I didn’t know exist. She’s always holding space, she’s patient and her energy is contagious. Ana-Maria is the most caring person I’ve ever met .Thank you Ana-Maria

Boyan Petrov


I experienced a significant breakthrough and awareness during a challenging time in my life. I was feeling lost, frustrated, and angry due to a tragedy in my family, where I lost someone I deeply loved. However, after this difficult period, I found a way to turn my grief into action. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Anna Maria for her help during this transformative phase.

Judy WY Wong


Hi there! If you haven’t already signed up for Ana-Maria’s Mastermind, I’m telling you, it’s something you really have to do for yourself. As someone who has been heavily immersed in the healing arts and the personal development industry for quite some time, I can say I’ve not worked with anyone as dedicated as her to helping us get deeper and truer with ourselves.

Her Mastermind is filled with people who are truly dedicated to up-leveling who they are as a person, and more importantly, spiritually, which matters a lot to me. So, if you feel like you’re stuck in your life right now, you need to understand that Ana-Maria can help you. You need to be willing to put your best foot forward into this Mastermind, because we all are. It’s an amazing container where some of the men really hold space for us women to dive deep and allow us to have an outpour of emotions when necessary.

Ana-Maria is an amazing guide; she really leads us through some fabulous internal journeys. I’m so grateful to be a part of it. I hope to see you guys there. Bye!

Boyan Petrov


Until the moment I lost my mother suddenly, I was lost, angry, frustrated, and walking into darkness without purpose. Deep down, I knew I needed help, and that help came through Anne Marie and her mastermind. The first eye-opening lesson I learned is that vulnerability is not weakness, but a superpower. Allowing myself to be vulnerable was healing and cleansed my heart and soul. The coaching program helped me to overcome my mother’s death, start living in the light again, and understand my blind spots and childhood trauma which had been holding me back.

I had several massive breakthroughs and understood the purpose of my life. If I hadn’t joined Anna Maria’s mastermind, I would probably be telling the world the biggest lie that I’m fine, even though deep down I knew I was not. The most unexpected result of the program was understanding why I wasn’t fulfilled and remembering what I promised to my mother in our last conversation. After discovering why I wasn’t happy and fulfilled, I left my own business in the hands of my business partner because that wasn’t my vision—it was his.

Now, as an employee again, I’m happy because I have more time for myself. I started chasing my passion, qualifying myself in other areas of life where I felt past failures and was scared to try again. Now I have more quality time for myself and my hobbies. I got rid of all habits that weren’t serving me and created new ones. My perspective changed, and I set healthy boundaries. I created my first passive income, am working on a second, and have an idea for a third. I cleared my relationships with relatives I hadn’t seen or heard from in years and was visited by an old friend, which was an amazing gift and lesson.

When I joined Ana-Maria’s mastermind, the most uncomfortable thing was that the sessions started at 3 a.m. in my time zone, but that wasn’t a problem since I had sleeping issues. I built the habit, knowing that if I wanted massive and extraordinary change, I had to make sacrifices. The most important thing is that Ana-Maria is the most caring, supportive, dedicated person and coach I have ever met. She’s the most talkative person and coach I’ve ever met, and her charge of positive energy and emotions is endless. The community is very tight; we hold space for each other to outflow our emotions and support each other. We’re there for everything that happens.

If you feel stuck somewhere in your life, please don’t suppress it or suck it up. Seek help. Book a call with Ana-Maria; I’m sure she can help you. I really hope to see you in the mastermind. Thank you for your attention. Take care, bye.

Victoria Hystad


Hi, my name is Victoria, and I work in the food industry. However, I am on a journey to self-discovery, and Ana-Maria helped me identify my life purpose. For the longest time, I felt stuck, like I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do. The moment I met her, I knew right away that she was the person I was supposed to work with. She exudes so much positive energy and is so empowering.

Ana-Maria has an unshakable self-confidence that deeply influenced me. When I first met her, I had a lack of self-esteem, no self-confidence, and no boundaries. These are all things that are actually helping you be strong and build the life purpose you’re looking for. I couldn’t do this because I was stuck and blocked. But with her help and guidance, I can see that already within a month, I’m changing. I’m a different person. Her meditations are absolutely amazing. I can tell that every single cell in my body is changing. I tapped into my deep self, which I’ve never done before, and discovered parts of myself that I never knew existed, thanks to Ana-Maria.

She absolutely changed my life. What sets her apart is her genuine interest and dedication. She’s a very genuine person, very straightforward but also very gentle. She keeps us all accountable and has a deep desire to help. Every time I talk to her, every time we end our sessions, I feel so empowered. Her intuition is very strong, and she customizes her approach based on everyone’s needs. She’s truly the best coach I’ve ever had in my life, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to change their life. She’s an absolute blessing, and I’m humbled to have worked with her. Thank you.

Boyan Petrov


On my journey to find purpose and meaning, I decided to focus on myself. The first step was to quit a habit that didn’t serve me: smoking. I also worked on getting back into optimal physical shape. I created a couple of passive incomes and realized a 10-year long-term dream, which I’m now working on turning into another passive income.

I found a community where I don’t feel the need to fit in, but rather, I feel that I belong. There, I started to share something that I had buried deep down inside me for 14 years—my military experience during my service in Iraq and my silent, lonely struggle with PTSD. I began writing a memoir on healing from PTSD, finding purpose in helping others who have experienced trauma.

I embraced my feelings and began to write poetry, discovering an area in me that I didn’t know existed. But the most important thing is that I expanded my mindset to what’s truly possible for me, for my next level. I’m not sharing all of this to show off. What I’m trying to say is, if you feel stuck at some point in your life, don’t give up. Keep striving for change and self-improvement.

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Serial Entrepreneur & IT Consultant


Ana-Maria`s heart-centered and transformative coaching has been an undeniable force in unlocking my true potential and guiding me towards a purpose-driven life. Her extraordinary gift has enabled me to become the best version of myself. She possesses an uncanny ability to identify my blind spots and swiftly bring them to light, effectively dismantling any limiting beliefs I might be carrying. With her by my side as my life coach, I am confidently pursuing my passions and rapidly moving forward towards fulfilling my life’s purpose. Thank you, Ana-Maria, for your invaluable guidance and support!

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